The Worlds First Online Video Nikah Platform

What is VidNikah?

Vid Nikah brings together technology and Muslim lifestyle. The problem we wanted to solve was that Muslims want to get married but not everyone has access to an imam or a local mosque or maybe the walee- guardian is not able to physically attend the nikah.

So we made Vid Nikah to help muslims have a nikah in an easy and efficient way and to help promote muslim lifestyle.

We have a team of qualified people available to carry out the muslim ceremony over our online platform, so what you waiting for?

Get in touch with us right away.

How it works?

All parties come online via a link that is provided by our admin and the Nikah is performed with all the necessary conditions of Nikah that are required .

After the Nikah has been completed, a signed certificate is then provided to confirm the Nikah.

What is required?

In order to uphold the sanctity of Muslim marriage , we take great care that everything is done correctly and accurately.

For the Nikah to take place , we will always require the following :

1. Bride

2. Groom

3. Brides father

4. 2-3 people from Friends or Family

5. Agreed Dowry amount

Before the Ceremony begins, photo Ids will be required to confirm identity of bride, groom and Brides father . This is so that we can fulfil the condition of ‘ Free from deception’ which is an important pillar of the validity of a Muslim Marriage .