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Q : What’s the Islamic ruling on a marraige cermony carried out over an online platform such as this?

A : We have consulted many scholars in the UK and around the world, relating to this issue , and they have confirmed that marriages done over a video platform are correct and fully conform to the rules and regulations in Islamic fiqh.

Q : Do all parties need to be present in one place or can they be in different places?

A : The majority of the Muslim scholars confirm that it is not a condition for the bride,groom, guardian, witnesses to be in one single location . In fact they can all be in different locations and the ceremony is valid and correct . What is important is that due care and attention is given to the fact that identities are fully verified and the process is ‘free from any deception’

Q : How do you ensure that the Nikah ceremony is done correctly and in accordance with the Islamic guidelines?

A : All of the individuals carrying out the Nikah ceremony are Qualified in Islamic Fiqh and take great care in ensuring the whole process is done according to the Islamic Guidelines.

Q : Can I cancel or change a booking?

A : Any cancellations are not refunded . We do allow dates to be changed according to availability for a fee of £25. However we must receive 3 days notice in advance for any change of dates.

Q : When do I make payment to confirm booking?

A : After time and date are selected , you can go ahead and make the payment via our online payment system.

Q : Are there any instances when you may cancel a booking?

A : Cancellations from our side are very rare. In such cases, we will work to rectify the situation as soon as possible .

Q: When do I receive the Nikah Certificate?

A : After the Nikah ceremony is completed , you will receive an E – Certificate within 48 hours. This will usually be sent via email.

Q : What will I need on the day of the Nikah Ceremony?

A : You will of course need a good internet connection!

Q: I am a revert to Islam and do not have a muslim male guardian?

A : In the case of female reverts who do not have a muslim male guardian, please get in touch and we can provide a tailored solution